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MaleGenix is the world’s leading male enhancement supplements, thanks to its breakthrough B.A.S.E. Technology. No other supplement in the market could exhibit the same effectiveness and results of MaleGenix. With over two years in development, the people behind the brand has tirelessly perfected the formula of MaleGenix, and maximized the contribution of every microgram in the formula.

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MaleGenix is essentially an erectogenic compound which maximizes erection size in minutes. Its main purpose is to activate its Biologically-accelerated ingredients to deliver results in under an hour. As an instant erectogenic, MaleGenix can substitute for popular erectile dysfunction medicine, as it delivers more than just the erectogenic benefit but also the testosterone-boosting capacity to alleviate symptoms caused by low testosterone. MaleGenix also works in a sustained-release capacity, which consistently releases key nutrients to support sexual health and performance throughout the day. The sustained release capacity allows the formula to create the perfect conditions that result in penis enlargement.

In the first hour, MaleGenix activates components which give the user to obtain an erection at-will. These components also set the right conditions to accelerate and maximize the benefits of the sustained-release components of MaleGenix. The formula contains ingredients which dilate blood vessels to allow more blood to the penis. Vasodilators are matched with PDE-5 inhibitors to greatly intensify the body’s reaction to vasodilators. To prevent hypotension due to vasodilation, and to maximize blood volume and pressure to the cavernous spaces in the penis, the formula takes libido into the equation and makes the user’s erection due to sexual arousal work to systemically dilate and contract blood vessels to focus blood to the penis. The result is a significantly increased blood flow to the penis, which forces the elastic penile tissue to expand and increase erection size.


B.A.S.E. stands for Biological Accelerated Sustained Expansion, a process developed from scratch by MaleGenix to create a process that streamlines fast-acting results with long-term benefits. MaleGenix functions as a fast-acting erectogenic supplement which allows its users to take MaleGenix only when needed, similar to most erectile dysfunction medicine. MaleGenix works in as fast as 30 minutes after taking one dose.

MaleGenix utilizes its erectogenic effect to create penis enlargement results by taking MaleGenix as a long-term, daily supplement. MaleGenix combines its instant erectogenics with sustained-release components which include vasodilators and testosterone boosters. By combining the three elements of erectogenics, testosterone boosters, and vasodilators, the body essentially focuses blood flow and pressure to the cavernous spaces in the penis, which in turn creates a bigger erection size. Over time, the increase in blood volume and pressure would force the elastic penile tissue to expand further, creating a permanently bigger erection size.


The science behind MaleGenix would only apply on 100% Genuine MaleGenix pills. We cannot guarantee the effects that fake MaleGenix pills may have. MaleGenix is highly counterfeited, with many resellers peddling their counterfeit MaleGenix pills on MaleGenix Amazon and on other online marketplaces. We have every reason to believe that fake MaleGenix pills may be dangerous to your health.

Buy only from MaleGenix’s official website to experience the benefits of MaleGenix.

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